Straight drink machine
1, reverse osmosis market saturation, difficult to break through For consumers, the purchase of water purifier is the purification capacity, and the current market purification effect is good reverse osmosis water purifier, for which reverse osmosis water purifier almost occupies the entire market, resulting in the lack of high-tech water purification market drive, the overall market size is difficult to break through。 2, most people drink hot water, the purification effect is diluted Although drinking more hot water is regarded as a joke for straight men to care about, it also shows that drinking more hot water is beneficial to the body in the hearts of Chinese people to a certain extent。The water purification industry has been emphasizing water quality, but it has ignored the important position of hot water in the hearts of the people。 3. Floor space is one of the priority factors for consumers At present, the per capita residential area in China is about 36.7 square meters, for the developed is still low, so consumers in the purchase of home appliances, priority will be given to small size, with integrated products。Although today's water purifiers can integrate purification and heating, they occupy a very large area;Although the table type is small, it needs to be manually added water, which is very troublesome。Therefore, placing the straight drink machine in the kitchen space has become an urgent problem for the entire water purification industry。   Water purification equipment accessories Industrial processing equipment   Commercial water purifier Inlet/outlet solenoid valve   Water purification equipment accessories Each brand 10 inch full set of filter element Home Apple six generation RO pure water machine TLQ-ROA1-88 gold Straight drink machine TLQ-ROB2- Black Gold Gang