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The role of water purifier is to directly purify tap water and remove residual chlorine in water, which is the step of family drinking water quality。In a complete water treatment system, it also includes many equipment such as water softener and direct drinking machine. The water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions to soften domestic water, and the direct drinking machine terminal filtration can make tap water meet the raw drinking standard。Water purifier is the "not clean enough water" into "relatively clean water" equipment, classification can be divided from the filtration level。Commonly used on the market are ultrafiltration water purifiers and reverse osmosis water purifiers, in addition to water softeners。The filter element of the water purifier is like the "kidney" of the human body.。The water quality of the water purifier not only depends on the quality of the filter element,It depends on whether the service life of the filter element is replaced in time,If the filter element is not replaced for a long time,It creates a water blockage,It's not just the water that gets smaller,The filtering effect will also become less effective,In this way,The water that passes through the water purifier will not be purified well,The purity is naturally reduced。 Suhl 10-inch filter cartridge   Commercial water purifier Prefilter equipment   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories ZY-Z1   Water purification equipment accessories prefilter Yuqi press/touch/three-second speed hot pipeline machine   Water purification equipment accessories