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1.The water quality of household tap water, after boiling tap water, still can not remove harmful substances, such as scale, heavy metals, volatile substances。The water purifier uses the method of physical filtration to effectively remove various pollutants, and the taste of the water is very good。 2.Instead of bottled water, bottled water has a high cost, a short shelf life and is more susceptible to secondary contamination。When you open a bottle of water, the number of microbes in the water will multiply。After connecting the bottled water to the drinking machine, it is in the open state, and harmful substances in the air can easily enter the inside of the bottled water through the water intake, and multiply。 3.Clean water quality, convenient and economical, water purifier can effectively remove scale, heavy metals and other harmful substances in the water, clean water quality;The use of water purifiers is low, and tap water is filtered directly into high-quality drinking water。In contrast, the cost of bottled water is higher, and the bottled water industry is mixed and difficult to distinguish。Previously, some people on the Internet believed that drinking water filtered by water purifiers for a long time would cause the human body to lack minerals。Such talk is pure nonsense。Minerals in the human body come mainly from daily food, and the intake from water is very small。Therefore, long-term drinking of purified water filtered by water purifiers has no effect on the human body。Of course, before buying a water purifier, consumers need to pay attention to whether the quality of the aquatic products purchased is qualified, and whether the manufacturer has a water wading certificate approved by the Ministry of Health。You choose regular merchants when you buy, and you should not buy inferior water purification products at cheap prices, which may cause secondary pollution。High-quality water purifiers can meet the needs of consumers for high-quality drinking water, which is good for the body。   Water purification equipment accessories TLQ-ROB2- Magnolia (Large) Straight drink machine   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories Reverse osmosis heating machine Home Yuqi 500G large flow reverse osmosis water purifier   Water purification equipment accessories TLQ-ROA1-88 gold