Water purifier is divided into many kinds, from the use of filtration technology, there are the following common water purifiers on the market: 1, PP filter filter water purifier: with a variety of PP filter cartridge water purifier, the general price is low, but the filter cartridge is easy to clog, need to be replaced often, and the filtration accuracy is not high, only for the preliminary filtration of water。2, activated carbon filter: can eliminate the water color and odor, but can not remove the water bacteria and other harmful substances, sediment, rust removal effect is also very poor。3, reverse osmosis pure water machine: remove beneficial and harmful substances in water, the output is pure water。It needs to be pressurized and powered, and the utilization rate of water is low。The purification cost is high, the flow rate is small, and only the problem of drinking water is solved。4, water softener: Generally use sodium resin to replace calcium and magnesium ions in water, only soften and reduce the hardness of water, can not be purified, can not remove various harmful pollutants in water。5, bucket water purifier: bucket water purifier installed on the water dispenser,Filter materials such as activated carbon, ceramics and mineralized spheres are generally used,The filtration accuracy is not high,It's an interception filter,Inconvenient to clean,Easy to form secondary pollution,Small water volume,Just positioning to solve the drinking problem,But in fact, people who know the filtration technology are afraid to drink。6, mixed media filter: according to the functional characteristics of different filter materials, the combination of a variety of technologies to achieve a wide range of water quality treatment, comprehensive and effective removal of various harmful substances in the water。7, air water machine: no water source, air water, water process through seven layers of filtration and purification, electricity is drinkable, suitable for all areas。Angel is recommended for water purifiers,Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industry Group Co., Ltd. has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation,Develop independent intellectual property rights,The use of fully sealed quick-discharge smart seat, whole process air filtration, silicone tube, RO reverse osmosis and other technologies,So far, 323 have been authorized by the Intellectual Property Office,It is recognized as "Pilot Enterprise of Guangdong Province" and "Private Enterprise with Intellectual Property Advantage of Guangdong Province" by Guangdong Intellectual Property Office and Guangdong Economic Commission.。Even now, every year Angel continues to create new glory。   Water purification equipment accessories 18 seconds self flushing combination valve Industrial processing equipment   Water purification equipment accessories 1.6/5A power supply TLQ-ROB2- Drinking Water Platform (Double outlet) Straight drink machine 3/6 kW heating tube TLQ-ROA1-88 gold   Water purification equipment accessories