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After entering normal production, the operator should tour regularly every hour to check the equipment site。Record the inspection results truthfully and summarize them together with the operation records for regular maintenance。Inspection cycle -- inspection items -- inspection methods or checkpoints -- Remarks;Once per shift - check whether there is water leakage - the sealing parts of the equipment and auxiliary valves and other places are leaking - if there is water leakage - find out the location of the water leakage point and the reason,Stop leakage in time;Check for vibration - when the valve is open and closed,Whether there is abnormal vibration -- if there is vibration,Find out the cause, Take timely measures to solve the problem;Once a month -- Check the flow rate -- Check the flowmeter value,Verify that it represents normal traffic - if the traffic is displayed abnormally,Find out the cause in time,troubleshooting。 Yuqi press/touch/three-second speed hot pipeline machine   Commercial water boiler TLQ-ROB2- Little black and white   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories TLQ-ROA1-88 gold TLQ-ROB2- Drinking Water Platform (Double outlet) ZY-Z1   Water purification equipment accessories TLQ-ROB2- Magnolia (Large)