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    Shanxi Shuizyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in household, commercial and industrial water treatment equipment, mainly responsible for the sales, installation, maintenance and after-sales maintenance of water treatment equipment such as water purifier, pure water machine, water boiler sales machine, softened water in Shanxi and its surrounding areas。Since the establishment of the company, uphold the quality of products, customer first business philosophy!We have high quality products and very professional technical service personnel。The charges are transparent and reasonable, in strict accordance with the humanized charging standards formulated by the Price Bureau in combination with the market。Let each customer enjoy the service at the same time, more assured, comfortable。Customer satisfaction is our pursuit!Corporate culture: Altruism, respect for heaven, love!Responsibility Mission: Let thousands of families because of our existence and life better!Core values: Customer satisfaction, gratitude, welfare
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1, the difference between direct drinking machine and pipeline machine Although the market is filled with a variety of water dispensers and water purification equipment, but because water purification equipment has not yet been popularized in China, consumers are very vague about a variety of new water purification concepts, and often confuse pipeline machines, direct drinking machines, water purifiers and other equipment。The next section introduces the difference between pipeline machine and direct drinking machine: Pipeline machine: What is a pipeline machine?The pipeline machine is only used to connect the water purifier or water purifier, and can only be heated or cooled。Pipeline air filler does not have purification function, no filter;The pipeline machine only makes sense when connected to a device with a filtering function。Compared with the water dispenser, the pipeline machine is more hygienic, but the replacement cycle of the filter element should be ensured。Straight drinking machine: What is a straight drinking machine?It is the general name of water purifier and water purifier。The straight drink machine has the function of purifying and filtering。The filtered air diameter of purified water is 0.02微米。Most of the water in the water purifier is pure water, can be directly used for drinking, and contains minerals;But strictly speaking, unless you have it, you can drink it straight away, or boil it to drink it。The difference between the direct drinking machine and the pipeline machine is that the direct drinking machine has a filtering function, and the pipeline machine has no filtering function。2, pipeline machine and direct drinking machine which is better pipeline machine is a pipeline drinking machine, it has no filtering function, only play the role of boiling water and making ice。It is equivalent to a traditional water dispenser and needs to be used in combination with water purification equipment。According to the classification, there are three types of pipeline machines: bench, wall mounted and vertical。Desktop and wall-mounted models are generally installed in a room or living room, while vertical models are more reasonable in a living room or unit office。The pipeline direct drinking machine has its own filtration function, and the filtered water quality achieves the effect of direct drinking water。According to the water quality of the effluent, the pipeline direct drinking machine is divided into ultrafiltration direct drinking machine (pure water), reverse osmosis direct drinking machine, etc. Most direct drinking machines set filtration, boiling water and ice water in one, widely used in homes, offices and so on。They are currently the first direct water dispensers and will gradually replace bottled water and traditional water dispensers。Pipeline machines are used for heating and cooling, while direct water dispensers are filtration + heating and cooling products。Which is better depends on your own needs。 TLQ-ROB2- Magnolia (Large) Straight drink machine Hot and cold integrated machine Straight drink machine Household reverse osmosis kitchen water purifier   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories TLQ-ROA1-88 gold   Water purification equipment accessories ZY-Z1